About me

Hi, my name is Paul Henderson and I live on a wee peninsula called the Black Isle here in the Highlands of Scotland. Twenty two years ago when I left school I really didn't have a clue of what I wanted to do, so decided to pursue electronics as it had been a very enjoyable hobby. I missed the enrolment deadline at the local college but found a two year course elsewhere, with the intention of only doing one year and then enrolling in the course I had missed. Well this did not come to fruition and pretty much sums up my entire working life. The course was pretty basic; fundamental training for the first year before being placed with a company for the second year. I spent a very enjoyable year with my local radio station working with an absolute legend of an engineer.

When the second year came to an end I could have went back into college but I really needed to make some money. My parents certainly didn't have the funds so I found myself going into logistics, retail, data entry and a whole host of other jobs. Electronics as a hobby faded away being replaced with programming on the Commodore Amiga with a keen interest in speaker enclosure design.

As I have aged I find myself hungry for knowledge as well as trying to find things which stimulate. I certainly enjoy creating through art and photography but I missed the technical. So at the age of forty one I have decided to charge back into electronics. Hopefully you will join me on YouTube as I continue my hobby after a long lapse.