About my channel

My intention is to have fun by focusing on radios and audio circuits by dissecting their schematics. Then building and testing them. I am not an electronics engineer although I have had some basic training in the field many moons ago. So we can learn as we go and hopefully with interaction from the audience we can share knowledge and build some funky gear. I hope also to build some basic test equipment to get us started and also delve into digital circuits.

Why radio, well when satellite and paid for programming appeared the only way to follow what was happening with the big boxing fights was radio. So I have very fond memories of getting up in the wee hours to make a cup of tea while a large valve radio warmed up. I must confess I do love the sound quality from a valve but that is most likely because it is tied into memories.

The channel will also feature diversions of course away from these subjects as I am easily distracted, they do say variety is the spice of life. I am aiming to make a video a week to start with as I work permanent night shift, tiredness and electricity what could possibly go wrong.